Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A possible hiatus?

It really bugs me to join the ranks of bloggers that abandon their blog.  But I’m considering it.  You see, I have another blog/creative outlet that is becoming much more demanding on my time and I have to make a choice.  That blog is getting 40-50 times more traffic than this one and last month the books I sold on it earned me over a thousand dollars.  I didn’t start this for the money, but I got to admit, it sure is nice getting royalty checks.

Decomposition has sold a few copies here and I’m grateful for those that purchased (and maybe even enjoyed) it.  I don’t have plans to yank it from the virtual shelves, but again, it’s hard to market a book without a name, and hence, a platform.

So I’m not shutting down Drill and Kill.  And if I reveal my identity in the near future, I would roll this venture into it.  But for now, I need to walk away for a bit and put my energies in a different place.


  1. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!

    It's not the number of readers, but the quality, dude.


  2. Don't worry Zombie Games. I'm only a few weeks away from re-emerging and you're gonna like it ;)